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The narrative storytelling in folk singer-songwriter Bryan Jones’ music brings to life an eclectic cast of characters only an inspired mind could conjure up. But Jones’ talent doesn’t end with the pen—his strong, bare vocal abilities are one to be reckoned with. And much like the early country legends, Jones’ would spill his blood if it gave life to a song.


Jones’ lyrically driven songs will reverberate in your head long after witnessing a performance, but it’s the echo of his honest spirit that will stick with you the longest. His songs are a direct reflection of his life, travels and dreams. So much so that a handful of them have been inspired directly from his haunted dreams. An artist never truly sleeps.


Raised by his grandmother in the small town of Gardnerville, Nev., Jones’ relationship with music began at an early age. The self-proclaimed former band geek’s talents have taken him through Europe, across the United States and back again.


With four albums under his belt with his energetic Americana band Buster Blue, Jones’ solo project is a dialed in representation of his musical talents, a true portrait of who he is as an artist. You can catch him wailing on the harmonica, finger-picking his acoustic guitar, or exploring the depths of his full vocal range—but no matter where or when you witness it, he’ll be giving it his all, because a cowboy blasting off in a rocket ship has no limits.

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